Halsen Solutions, LLC focuses on three solutions:

  • Full Time Employee Placement 
    • You need to hire a great employee right now, or a bit down the line – whether you just can’t seem to find the rockstar you need, or HR is too swamped to hire, we can help.
    • Best for urgent hires, backfills, and staffing for an upcoming position or project.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (“RPO”)
    • You’ve hit a period of growth in your company, and have multiple positions you need over the next couple of months or year – we can help.
    • Best for companies who want to outsource the staffing of multiple positions and the overall hiring and on-boarding process for a certain period of time (usually 2+ months).
    • We provide on-site support and work with hiring managers and candidates and act as a temporary extension of your company for hiring.
  • Talent Acquisition Process Development
    • Not only are you growing and need help hiring, but you also need to develop your hiring processes moving forward to make sure you’re finding the best talent now, and 10 years from now – we can help.
    • Best for companies who are either start-ups and need a hiring process defined for their long term strategy, or an established company that needs help re-vamping their hiring strategy to hire and retain the best candidates for many more years to come.

Halsen Solutions, LLC is always flexible to our client’s needs if there is something we can help you with, outside of these needs.  Please reach out to us for questions or pricing on anyone of our packages!