Mission Statement

It is the mission of Halsen Solutions to provide direct, full time employee placement services to small and medium-sized companies by being fair, honest, communicative, educated and attentive.  We seek to deeply understand our clients’ unique businesses and needs, ask the right questions, and identify great resources with a careful and thorough vetting process.  We seek to help our clients by finding outstanding, full time employees that will be thought partners and strong contributors to the organization to the benefit of both the company and the employee.


  • Seek to Understand
    • A company cannot be great without great people.  Hiring is one of the most, if not the most, single most important piece(s) in building a successful company.  We believe that you deserve the best candidate for your company; a true match to both the employer and the job seeker.  Taking the time up front to learn about your company, your values, and the responsibilities of your team allows us to find the absolute best candidates that are a technical and culture fit to your organization.  We first seek to understand, then work as an extension of your company to find your next, outstanding employee.
  • Say No to the Good and Yes to the Great
    • One of our favorite sayings!  If you were buying a house, you wouldn’t just consider the ones on your street, would you?  You wouldn’t buy blindly without exploring all of you options and features and pricing, would you?  Of course not!  You work with a trusted real estate agent who knows the market and knows what is about to go on sale before it even hits the market.  Why would you do the same when considering candidates to hire?
    • You deserve to see the best candidates who are the closest fit to your available position and your company culture.  Don’t just rely on job postings to bring in candidates, rather, bring in an expert like Halsen Solutions, to show you all the best candidates from our arsenal of resources, not just the ones who come to your doorstep.  Let us do the work and present only the qualified candidates to you.
  • Transparency
    • Simple, clear, direct communication is our keystone.  We’ll look for the best candidate, but we’ll also provide market feedback.  We’ll listen if we didn’t hit the mark with the first candidate and tweak our search to get it right the next time.  You will work with a single point of contact who will provide clear updates because we want to earn your trust and business.
  • Commitment to Quality 
    • We believe there are far too many competitors that are too money-driven instead of quality-driven.  We want to restore quality in the Staffing and Recruiting industry by doing our jobs with integrity in both the way we treat our candidates and the way we treat our candidates.  No mass emails, no “shotgun” approaches.  If we can’t fill your position, we will tell you.  If a candidate interviews, they deserve clear and constructive feedback.  We believe everyone deserves that commitment to quality, on all fronts.